Goodbye wrinkles - Hello confidence.

Treatment Description

A synergy of active components acting at various levels to energize the skin, reduce inflammation, control pigmentation and highly firm the skin (up to 50% reduction of wrinkles after 3 treatments). The treatment provides intense skin volume, moisture and stimulates the synthesis of collagen. It promotes the regeneration of the dermal structure and elasticity.

Treatment Specifications

  • Treatment Areas

    Face, neck, décolleté.

  • Session Duration

    20 - 30 Minutes

  • Sequence of Treatments

    5 treatments once every 3-4 weeks

  • Maintenance Sessions

    1 every 2 months as maintenance

  • Ingredients

    Hyaluronic acid, Hexapeptide-10, Carcinine, FGF growth factor, EGF growth factor, TRX growth factor, EDP3 biomimetic peptide, TGP2 biomimetic Peptide.

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frequent questions

It is a technique using needless microinjections of conventional or homeopathic components to deliver healing or a corrective treatment to a specific area in the subcutaneous tissue

The sensation intensity will be different for each client. For most clients this is a pain free experience, however for some clients a slight pinch at the injection point might be felt.

It is advised that at least one week prior to your booking you avoid taking tablets such as aspirin, ginko biloba, garlic capsules, CoQ10, flaxseed oil, cod liver oil, vitamin A&E and other essential fatty acids.  These can cause your blood to thin which could result in possible bruising.

Because we use natural ingredients with our needleless injections, there shouldn’t be any side effects. However, some discomfort due to possible bruising, or inflammation at the injection site might be experienced. These usually clear up within 24-48 hours after your initial treatment. It is of utmost importance that the post care advice is followed to minimise possible side effects.

We take pride in seeing immediate results. On average clients notice an improvement over 3 – 5 treatments however, the treatment is working on the deeper skin layers so results really show 4 – 6 weeks after initiating a treatment plan. Some factors like age, sun exposure, medical history, diet, and lifestyle might have an influence on the results. To ensure maximum results are achieved, it is important to follow the post treatment care advise.


Our treatment radically reduces wrinkles up to 50% after a few sessions, as it stimulates the production of collagen.