Cleansers - Skincare product of the week

cleanser: small steps for a perfect skin

A cleansers should always be the first step on any daily skincare routine, regardless whether you are male of female. By removing dirt and dead skin cells from the surface it can help with the improvement of the overall appearance. It will also prepare the skin for further treatment and allow for better absorption of the products that follow. Cleansing also promotes skin renewal.

On a daily base our skin is exposed to natural aggressions like wind, cold, heat, rain, shaving, makeup and regular touching with our hands. Your skin can regain its youthfulness and look healthier with a good cleanser. It is important to cleanse your skin twice a day, mornings and evenings. It is also important to note that the same product cannot be used for the body and for the face, the face can be more sensitive and incorrect products might be too harsh on the skin.

Before choosing your cleanser it is important to understand and know your skin type. Read or blog on how to determine your skin type at home to learn more.

Choosing a cleanser best suited to your skin type will bring benefits. A wrong cleanser can be too harm or cause more unnecessary harm. For example, a dry skin would want to stay away from something that will dry out the skin more. Oily skins will want something that is able to clean the dirt and the excess sebum from the skin. Sensitive skins will want as little as possible ingredients to avoid possible irritation.

Cleanser options


It might seem like an effective and obvious option, but soaps tend to remove natural oils too. This means it will leave your skin dry and vulnerable.

Cream/Milk cleanser

These cleansers keep your skin moisturised while removing dirt. For sensitive skins these kind of cleansers are the best as they don’t dry out the skin.

Cream Cleanser

By removing dead cells from the surface skin, it will make it softer and smoother. Products will also be able to penetrate better making them more efficient.

Cleansing Wipes 

For travelling these are good options, for general everyday cleansing it is not recommended. They tend to have high amounts of preservatives and might cause irritation or allergies to skin.

Cleansing Wipes
Mild gel cleansers 

Perfect for everyday use and safe for all skin types. This is the perfect go to regardless of your skin type. The De la Belle Active Cleanser contains avocado oil, lemon and cucumber extract. A cleanser that will, gentle yet effectively remove dirt and lift impurities from the skin. Your skin will be left feeling fresh & soft.

Active Cleanser from De la Belle
Final Thought

For eyes and makeup removal there are specific products to assist with that. Usually these products are formulated in a way to prevent irritation. Always keep in mind your skin type when choosing a cleanser and take note of how it makes your skin feel.