29 November 2021

Interview with Virginie Mulder

The sensational benefits of essential oil on the brain.

How essential oils changed Virginie Mulder's life.

Virginie Mulder, founder of La Vie Essentials SA and a doTERRA Wellness Advocate shares the sensational benefits of essential oil. Most people know her as Vee, she shares her journey on essential oils, the benefits and how to use it. Vee is also a qualified Emotional Aromatherapy adviser. She expresses how amazing it has been to learn the science behind essential oils. 

Vee’s journey with essential oils started over 2 and half years ago. It was when Vee had come to a cross road and had run out of options to help her son with his challenges at school. They had gone down the path of conventional medicine, which was no longer an option, due to the negative side effects. It was then decided that enough is enough. A bold step was taken, all the tablets where thrown away.

Vee was looking for natural options. Nothing quite met the standards for her precious boy. That is until doTERRA found her.

“I will be forever grateful for these amazing Oils” doTERRA means “Gift of the Earth “, and they really have been exactly that on so many levels”, explains Vee.


Why doTERRA?

doTERRA is CPTG standard oils. This means it is Certified Pure Tested Grade. They prove purity & potency and there is scientific study proving the efficacy of the oils.

This was very important as it needed to do what was intended to help her son.

What she realised, is that oils on the open market cannot deliver those results. Not all oils are the same. These oils are now being used for all of her and her families health solutions, cleaning, cooking and sleeping. 

How does essential oils work?

Essential oils don’t just smell beautiful but can truly support you on an emotional level too. When inhaled, oils such a lavender, have tiny molecules that travel through the olfactory nerve (nose) and into the limbic brain and neurochemicals are released.

What does that mean in simple terms? This means, we better manage stress and anxiety safely and more effectively. We can reduce cortisol and adrenalin, increase happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine without any side effects. Only side benefits.

Essential Oil
DigestZen Essential oil drom doTERRA

What benefits do essential oils provide?

From a scientific perspective, essential oils are small organic molecules that change quickly from a liquid to a gas state, when they reach room temperature. This is why bottled essential oils are so powerful. A bottle of essential oil contains tiny molecules in a liquid state. When you unscrew the cap and open the bottle, the molecules change quickly from a liquid to a gas, which is why you can smell the oil immediately, even from a distance.

Anytime we inhale a distinct aroma (including the scent of an essential oil), that aroma will be processed through different parts of the brain in a special sequence. After inhaling an aroma, the scent will be processed in the brain’s olfactory system. This part of the brain is responsible for controlling our sense of smell. 

When an aroma is inhaled, it travels to the olfactory system by way of the olfactory nerve, so that it can be processed. The olfactory system is connected to the limbic system, a part of the brain where our emotions and memories are stored. This connection to the limbic system causes a response to the aroma based on any memories that are associated with that smell. The response produced by the limbic system of the brain often causes an immediate rush of feelings, also known as an emotional response.

The benefits of each essential oil are largely determined by the kind of plant it comes from and the chemical properties it contains. An oil might be cleansing, refreshing, or boosting to the immune system. There are many other benefits, depending on its chemical profile and origin plant.

Because essential oils have the power to soothe skin irritations, promote healthy digestion when ingested, create feelings of clear airways, and more, they’ve become a popular solution for those wanting to experience and maintain good health. Everyone has his or her own reasons for using essential oils. They’ve become a widespread alternative solution to other health practices because they can be tailored to fit specific preferences and needs. This means that rather than settling for a generic solution, you can be in control of your own health. Because you have so many different oils to choose from, even those with specific health concerns and sensitivities can enjoy the benefits essential oils have to offer.

In addition to health benefits, essential oils have many valuable applications far beyond the body. Some oils have soothing, calming, and grounding properties, while others are energise, uplifting, or renew. In a single day, we experience a wide array of emotions. Essential oils, with their various emotional benefits, can help us manage and maintain a state of well-being.

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What makes the aroma of an essential oil calming, energising or uplifting? 

The chemical design of an essential oil is what gives it specific benefits. For example, with a high concentration of ketones, mint essential oils typically hold significant energising, invigorating, and uplifting properties. Floral oils are composed mostly of monoterpene alcohols and esters, which are known to promote toning and calming properties. Rich in monoterpenes like limonene and beta-pinene, citrus essential oils typically have strong uplifting characteristics. While the chemical profile of an oil plays a big role in your emotional response, your experience also has a lot to do with the way the brain works.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy the wide variety of benefits that essential oils hold. All you need is a basic understanding of how to safely and simply use essential oils during your daily routine. There are millions of people throughout the world who, while they are not chemists, are passionate about using natural products to protect their families and live a healthy lifestyle. If they can do it, so can you.

How do we use essential oils?

Using essential oils aromatically is as easy as breathing. If you use an oil “aromatically,” it means that you’re experiencing the aromatic properties, the aroma of the oil, through the air. Aromatic use typically includes breathing in or inhaling an essential oil, allowing the scent to interact with your senses.

Applying essential oils topically, or on the skin, is a safe and effective way of enjoying the benefits that essential oils offer the skin and other functions of the body. Due to their chemical make up, essential oils can easily penetrate the skin and provide localised benefits to the applied area. Plus, by using an oil for its topical benefits, you can simultaneously enjoy its unique aroma as it sits on your skin as you breathe it in. While essential oils easily absorb into the skin, you can prolong the benefits of an oil by using a carrier oil to slow down evaporation, allowing it to moisturise your skin.

Both aromatic and topical applications of essential oils are easy to experience. When you want uplifting, energising, or calming aromas, aromatic usage provides a quick and simple access. When you want to soothe, moisturise, nourish, or soften your skin, topical usage can efficiently deliver the desired effect. What then is the advantage of using essential oils internally? While internal use of oils is a mystery to some, research has found a myriad of safe, beneficial internal uses for essential oils. Plus, internal usage of essential oils offers some exclusive benefits for the body that neither aromatic nor topical can deliver.

Want to know more?

If you are ready to learn more, or want to explore the benefits of these natural solutions, perhaps you are looking for an opportunity to create some financial options for you and your family, you can contact Vee for more information. She would love to assist.




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29 November 2021

Interview with Virgini Mulder
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