The best skincare
tips for dry skin

Don't be dry and scaly this winter

Dry skin can be a challenge when you struggle find the right solution to properly take care of your skin.

Cold, harsh winters where the wind blows outside, warm cosy temperature indoors. The type of conditions that will just suck out all the moisture from your skin, leaving it feeling dry and looking flaky. It will demand for you to moisturise it, more and more and more.

The good news, it is possible to treat dry skin and make it soft and supple again.

What is my skin type? Do I have dry skin?

Find out How to Determine your Skin Type with an easy skin test that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Basically it comes down to that dry skin cannot produce enough sebum on its own (our natural built in moisturiser).

Dry skin indications:

      • Flaky skin like a bad case of dandruff.
      • Tight skin that you wish you never washed.
      • As dull as dishwater with no glow.
      • Itchiness and redness is a feeling you know all too well.
      • Aging will appear much earlier in dry skin than in oily skin types. So unfair.
      • On the plus side, your pores are so small that you are not even sure you have any.

Your skin has a natural protective barrier what helps to keep moisture in as well as germs, pollution and other enemies out. When this shield become broken, the moisture will evaporate. If we apply moisture it will just evaporate again through the broken cracks and thus leaving your skin always wanting more.

What causes your barrier to crack?

      • Air conditioning – hot and cold.
      • Genes (yes, dry skin can be inherited)
      • Harsh skincare products.
      • Unprotected sun exposure
      • Extreme weather conditions.

How to repair your skin barrier?

      • Follow a simple skincare routine. No need to over cleanse your skin. Twice a day is sufficient. Also try to avoid products that contain alcohol.
      • Make sure to include key ingredients into your skincare routine.
        • Hyaluronic Acid: Because it retains water in the skin it will naturally act as a moisturiser.
        • Ceramides: By providing a high level of hydration, it will prevent the skin from drying out.
        • Squalene: It helps to combat dehydration, it will retain moisture and softens the skin.
      • Include a supplement or a Pre & Pro Biotic into your diet.

Important tips to follow

During winter it can be a challenging task. Every skin type will follow a different skincare routine. What works for one person might not always work for the next person. The help keep your skin moisturised, hydrated and healthy, the following tips can be followed for all skin types:

      • Sudden temperature changes should be avoided. Excessive heat and intense cold will both have a negative result on a your skin.
      • A moisturiser is an important step to remember. Applying a moisturiser straight after a shower/bath will help lock in the moisture and prevent dryness.
      • A bath oil is a good alternative to shower gels and soaps during the winter months. Your skin will need all the moisture it can get.
      • It is also important to stay hydrated by consuming sufficient water.
      • Remember to apply a sunscreen every single day especially when going outside. You can also apply a serum at night time before bed as this will add hydration and moisture to your skin.
      • Throughout the year you can change up your skincare routine to accommodate the season we are in. You don’t have to stick to the same skincare routine all year round.

Unfortunately if we do not take care of our skin barrier it will become worse as we get older. Due to the oestrogen levels decreasing the skin becomes thinner and is then unable to retain moisture well.

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