What is Meso-Jet?

The Science Of Needle Free Injections

The introduction of Needleless injections to today’s health workers provide a safe and highly effective, accurate and consistent new delivery system for a multitude of solutions.

These solutions are filled with active ingredients to help target client concerns or conditions.

Some interesting facts on the Meso-Jet:

  • It has a low pressure delivery system.
  • 6 x smaller than a needle.
  • Accurate delivery of product.
  • Pain free delivery
  • Uniform dispersion – for more efficient absorption
  • Suitable for both face and body injections
  • Fixed dosage.

Clinical benefits for needleless treatments:

Meso-jet needleless injectors provide aestheticians with the ability to further their clinical results whilst reducing the inherent risk compatible with needles.

  • Safer for both patient and clinician, no pulling, minimal push back, no vascular occlusion or bolus.
  • Pain free for client comfort.
  • Accurate, constant and precise dosage.
  • Better absorption rate for effective